The World's Poor

  The squeeze on global food supplies caused food prices around the world to rise by 23% in 2007 and 54% in 2008, which contributed to pushing an estimated 44-100 million additional people into chronic hunger, which may have pushed child mortality rates in some countries up by as much as 5 to 25%.

  Cereals have global prices which affect the price of food in Africa and Asia as much as in Europe and America. These prices are determined by global supply and demand.

  The food wasted in Europe puts additional strain on the global food supply, pushes prices up, and pushes more people into poverty.

  The UK’s household food waste alone would be enough to lift 113 million of the world’s malnourished out of hunger.

  Europe’s food waste, from households and industry combined, would be enough to satisfy the needs of all the world’s hungry between 3 and 7 times over.

  This exploitation is difficult to come to terms with because the people affected by our everyday shopping habits and our supermarket’s practices are so far away. But Bexley, Lewisham and Dartford play a direct role in all this.

~Our local actions create global change.~


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